3 ways to sell your home with Market Connect Realty

At Market Connect Realty we understand different homeowners have different needs and goals with respect to selling a property.   We have partnered with investors and lenders to put together unique programs to fit your individual needs whatever those may be.   

* Do you need to sell a home fast and get paid quickly?  Or maybe you want to move but are concerned about listing your house and being homeless if you can not find another one.    Is the house in great condition?   Would updates help or would you prefer to just sell it "as is."    No matter what your situation or goal we have a potential solution.    

1.   Quick Cash Offer:  We can provide a quick cash offer to close in as little as 15 days- you pick the closing date and there are no closing costs, fees or commissions to be paid.   

2.  Home Swap Program: - buy first then sell with out the sale contingency, pay only one mortgage payment monthly, and get up to $25k to renovate the home**  

3.  Traditional Sale- Our listing agent team backed by our extensive marketing services not only gets tons of traffic and top dollar offers but we know how to maximize your net returns by getting you the best possible scenario on each line of the contract. 

** Terms and conditions apply.   This program is offered by a 3rd party lender and has terms and conditions for approval and purchase.